Initial Consultation

The first consultation is free and designed to provide details about JareMarc Advisors and information about the solutions we offer. We want you to have all the information you need to partner with us with confidence. At the end of the initial consultation we will provide you with fee information associated with your particular plan of action.


JareMarc Advisors is a fee based financial planning practice, founded by Claudie Johnson, CFP®. JareMarc Advisors will not sell any products/solutions which will enable them to put client’s interest first. JareMarc Advisors will have a Team of Professionals, such as estate planning attorneys, advance planning strategist, and CPAs’.

We will utilize best in class “goal based” financial planning software and will provide comprehensive financial planning services:

These services include:
*Financial Management (cash flow analysis/planning and budgeting)
*Insurance Planning and risk management
*Investment Planning (analysis/asset allocation)
*Income Tax planning
*Retirement Planning
*Estate Planning
*Stock Option Planning

Contact Information:
Claudie Johnson, CFP®
Managing Director
Phone: 704-618-0860

Areas of planning can be individual modules or comprehensive depending on the clients' needs and objectives.

JareMarc Advisors

                                                    "We Simplify Financial Complexity"